Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

Be thankful for the things that spread your soul throughout the sun, 
Though bits of toxic rays may make you frown. 
Be thankful for the everlasting glimmer of sweet hope,
Though moments of distortion bring you down.

When looking round the world today be sure to carry free,
From burdens turning happiness to tears.
The question of what's precious should be clear in moments thought,
Though often in the moment takes us years.

Today with lavish plates of mashed potatoes piled high,
We eat the things that fill and make us warm.
Imbibing sweetened memories and turkey roasted right,
A band of merry feelings to transform.

A holiday once based on wars and fighting makes us think,
Amidst all pain and strife there will prevail,
A glimmering affinity for love that carries on,
When storm will cloud the happy ending tale.

So make a list of things today that bring us all to joy,
No matter where in world or life you are,
A happy and ecstatic Thanksgiving Day to you all,
Now take some love and send it through the stars.

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