Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

A day a'filled with lots o' green
Some dancing reels and jigs,
Parading through the shamrock fields
And drinking like a pig!

Beware the banshees shrieking
Daren't listen to their yell
You cannot be quite sure twill
Lead to heaven or to hell.

If babies lay in slumber
Quiet sighing when content,
It's possible a changeling
has replaced your child's lament.

Or maybe they were magicked
Into swans beyond the sea,
Children of Lir don't have
the happy ending they foresee.

A claddagh facing inward
Meaning love will freely lend
A Celtic knot a'twisting
No beginning and no end.

The rainbows in the distance
Bring some sparklin' pots of gold
To those seeking their fortune,
Gifting new with something old.

Now click some heels leprechauns
And throw some shoes my way
Sing merry songs and shout with glee
Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

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