Friday, March 7, 2014

Back in the Metaphorical Unicorn Saddle

There are times when the past can very easily creep up and lasso your face to the floor so that you can never look ahead. There are other times when the great white unicorn is bucking and neighing and unabashedly trying to throw you from its grasp so that you land in a heap of broken misery on that very same floor. Third option? You sit tall on your queenly steed of dreams and ride toward the future with confidence, clarity, and supreme savoir-faire. The floor in this instance is, of course, virtually stunning and may be covered in sequins.

Let's be real... Getting over a heartbreak is never an easy task. There's confusion, misinterpretation, miscommunication, and general stupidity involved. Very few people can make it through completely gracefully because, honestly, who likes being hurt? That being said, when it's time to move on, it's time to move on...So you create a goal and you go for it... In travel and writing and singing, merrymaking, and general emoting, I find my life's blood. Or fine, maybe in loving too... anything, everything, with my whole heart and being and soul and fiber of lingering glitter.

That all being said, when the hint of spring begins sifting through the window, it's almost impossible not to be taken in by its infectious air. Paris reached 60 degrees this week and is only looking to get warmer over the weekend. I've felt creative, had some luck finding students, and began my adventures in "language exchange" once again... Guess what? Sometimes language exchange IS in fact online dating. Not only has my whole karma shifted in the light of the impending warmth, apparently my luck with men has as well... More on that as the days go by, but in the meantime I'm finding that the combination of an open heart and a flowering landscape can create a Utopian garden of hope in which I can ride my unicorn freely in the breeze... Or whatever ; )

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