Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Happy Talk Like A Pirate Day!!!

Space Pirates: Part One

A group of young pirates, abandoned at sea
Knew nothing of space ships or technology,

So when they once looked up into the bright moon
And saw a new spotlight surpassing la lune,

They had no response saving ayes and avasts,
For nothing in pirate mythology asks

To capture or flee from a great flying ship
Or quick down some grog and lie down for a kip.

Without pirate code to dictate their space-savvy,
They asked the great Captain for pirate strategy.

And down came the saucer all hovering light,
As Captain demanded prepare for a fight!

Ahoy, blow them all down us pirates stand strong!
No matter the threat, all the rights or the wrongs!

Dead men tell no tales so must fight to the death!
A clap of great thunder deserved for those left!

The lights in the sky seemed like strong cannon blaze,
The pirates withdrew blunderbuss in a daze.

And just as the signal to fire reached climax
A shocking great beam stopped them all in their tracks.

And slowly but surely the pirates found flight,
Pulled higher and higher until out of sight.

Then all of a sudden the lights disappeared,
as did the great spaceship, no pirates to hear.

So to be continued for pirates in space,
Who knows what adventures their antics will take.

Well, shiver me timbers till pirates parley,
And have a Happy Talk Like A Pirate Day!