Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas!

Christmas is the time of year that's filled with life and love,
They're those who think it's when a baby came from up above.

No matter what religion, tis a time for grace and cheer,
Embracing all around us, drinking lots of wine or beer.

The food will range from turkey, ham, to taters, sprouts and cheese,
My favorite of all time being kielbasa, always, please.

While sitting with my friends and family, stateside for a change,
I think of all the luck and joy I'm given and exchange.

The sounds of Christmas carols fill the house to dance around,
And baby nephew jingle jangles with his Christmas crown.

I hope today all those I know, or've met or one day will,
Experience the magic of a love that's set to fill.

I take this moment just to stop and through a poem say,
I love you all, please have a Very Merry Christmas day!

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