Sunday, November 23, 2014

Wine and Scorpion Bowls

What generally occurs when I get into the flow of a fantastically busy schedule is that I become more upbeat, more contented, and more inclined to stupidly socialize in ways I probably shouldn't... Hence Wednesday night when I was supposed to meet a friend for a happy hour drink and it turned into several hours of several drinks and I teetered tottered home with various nonsensical thoughts rolling around in my brain. This particular friend tends to be a terrible influence and almost every single time I think it will be a quick, casual drink before dinner. Because of this not so mystifying logic, I neglect to eat a proper dinner, assuming I can go home and ravenously satiate before floating off to bed. Instead, the metro decided to stop two stations away from our chosen location, so I took a line that brought me about 25 minutes away from my destination, causing me to be about 45 minutes late for my rendezvous. Word to the wise... I allow public transit to infuriate me sometimes, and since I am never quiet about my feelings, I admittedly arrived a whirring whizzing tornado. This of course led me to drink my first glass of wine too quickly and settle in to the slippery guidance of my companion. All I know is that while we ordered a cheese plate at some point, we also ended up with a full bottle of wine after drinking several glasses already, and nothing about my small little body and unfed little tum tum was super happy with this decision the next day. I do not say any of this to glamorize my idiocy, just to comment on the fact that you should never ever listen to a boy who can clearly drink you under the table and likes to comment on past dalliances while stealing your hat... Intrigue... Mute...

Happily, I had a slightly classier evening two days later when I met one of my American friends for cocktails in Pigalle.... the Red Light District. As we all know by now, I heart the Moulin Rouge, I adore Montmarte, and I simply relish the fact that the seediest neighborhood in Paris is intertwined throughout. I had been told a while back about a few bars in that area that make amazing cocktails, so my friend and I decided to meet at a venue called "Dirty Dick"... Yup... But even more amusing is the fact that it's actually a tikki bar, with all sorts of crazy tropical paraphernalia hanging about. One quick scan down the cocktail list and we realized at once that we had to share a Scorpion Bowl for two. They gave us comically long straws to use, I assume because people often drink these while sharing a table. Since the bar was about three inches away (we got there on the early side and actually managed to snag some seats!) they were wonderfully unnecessary. The cocktails were delicious, however, and we followed the Scorpion Bowl with two banana salted caramel drinks called the "Monkey Seed, Monkey Screwed"... Yummmz... After this we popped across the street to another place christened "Glass" and while this bar was a lot darker and more cramped, we highly enjoyed the strobe light and the fact that they had honest to goodness slushy machines.

From lushy wine drinking to classy (relatively) cocktails, it was a banner few days out on the town... And next up? Brother, sister-in-law, and best baby in the history of any world and other parallel universe slash fantasyland ever are visiting this week, wahoo!!!


  1. You forgot to mention the bar fly with the digitialized proposition "3somme anyone?" What about that turned us off, I can't imagine...

    1. Haha I guess it turned me so off that I forgot! Though, who could ever forget such a cell phone invitation, I don't know!