Thursday, November 27, 2014

A Day Of Thanks

A day that should be filled with thankful happiness and glee,
With each and every citizen embracing land that's free.

Together we eat turkey, have some pie and drink in joy,
The worst thing on our minds the fam'ly members who annoy.

We think back to the days when pilgrims ventured cross the sea,
Exploring countryside in search of life and liberty.

They say that meals were had united with the native folk,
Who spent their time and effort helping those so sad and broke.

But other history suggests it wasn't quite so trite,
Post many years of warring for the things they had no right.

Perhaps today while being thankful for the moon and stars,
It might do well to ponder if we've really come so far.

When people in our country are subjected to despair,
While others dance in ignorance pretending it is fair.

Today when taking hands in thankfulness might I suggest,
You knock upon your neighbors door no matter what their dress.

Be thankful for United States, united from within,
For that's the only way we really have a hope to win.

A happy day to all while thinking of a life so sweet.
To love and live in happiness is really quite a treat : )

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