Tuesday, October 14, 2014

When Myth Surrounds Legend

It is quite true that I generally live in a world saturated with fantasy. As mentioned on a plethora of previous occasions, I like me some hobbits, some wizards, pirates, merbabies, fairy pixie princesses, etc... I would very much like to live in a castle, to the point where I bought a square foot plot of land in Scotland to secure my status as a "Lady" of the Scottish Highlands. If I could wear prom gowns (and by prom gowns I mean anything unnecessarily colorful and elaborate) every day without the obvious hassle, I most certainly would. That being said, it has recently come to my attention via the technologies above that I have rapidly become associated with Unicorns as the primary source of my whimsical shenanigans. More often than not, I receive texts or emails or facebook posts alluding to a fascination with these profound mythical creatures. And while I adore them completely, I feel that they attached themselves to my own renown before I ever truly proclaimed my allegiance. While I have always been quite vocal about my passion for pirates and my wish for wizards or my hope of hobbits, Unicorns snuck into the repertoire rather on the sly. 

To be fair, they are magnificent beings, abundantly celestial in their powers of magic and mystique. I accept their divine association as a real honor from the fantasy beasts beyond. Perhaps it was even them that blessed me with such perfect fluency in fantasy-speak. I merely point out the slight quirk in evolution of our coexistence. I have been surrounded by myth and been made into a legend...

Below are examples of various cards, messages, or posts I have received in recent times regarding this phenomenon. In addition, I have just signed up for my first ever 5k, and yes, the name my friend offered up for our team without even thinking was "Unicorns in Paris." Heavy is the head that wears the crown...


  1. Angela, I believe you meant to say, "heavy is the head that wears the 'corn." :)