Sunday, August 10, 2014

Super Moon Sunday

Super Moon Sunday is better than most,
like footballing Super Bowl kinds.
I just don't like sports so would choose to endorse
A day where sweet lunacy shines.

Both lunar and lunacy stem from the same,
The Latin expression luna.
That's clearly why Harry has one crazy friend,
Both blonde and a bright fortuna.

The day conjures notions of catastrophe,
The end of the world might be nigh,
Volcano eruptions, cascading monsoons,
No telling what falls from the sky.

And while the apocalypse looms in the night,
The folk underneath go insane.
Perhaps all the werewolves and vampires about
Will wreak all their havoc and pain.

Just do not be fooled when it's used as excuse,
A time to blame cosmos and stars,
For all of the idiot acts we await,
To justify all that's bizarre.

While wandering streets with the light overhead
It's ok to bathe in the glow.
Enchantments of past may bring present to heart,
Enrapturing all that we know.

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