Friday, August 8, 2014

A Neverending Story

Yesterday was one of those days where you feel pretty certain that everything sucks even though you are very consciously aware of the fact that you are on the road to everything awesome. Not a common feeling for you? I would suggest it's a pretty normal phenomenon for myself since I am generally a fickle, petulant lady who changes her mind slash feelings from moment to moment. That being said, I also can't suggest that this particular incident was my fault, though I am quite happy to throw the blame entirely on the French bureaucratic system once again. 

Though I had left the visa office giddy as a spritely little schoolgirl less than 24 hours before, I received an email the following morning that I was missing a document that was needed as soon as possible before my new card could be processed. I was already given a temporary receipt so that I could travel before my new visa will be ready to pick up in September. However, my proof of enrollment for school in the fall was not adequate and needed a certified stamp of some sort... Ok... Exhale... And off I went to the 19th Arrondissment which is not remotely convenient to most of my daily travels but which is where my new school is located. I attained a new document, trekked back to the student visa office, and waited about 45 minutes for the woman in charge of my case to come back from lunch so I could give her my document. For a brief, blissful moment it looked like all was well and the document would be except... Until... Naaaaaay... Right kind of document, wrong time frame printed... Back to the school again to have a new document printed and yet again back to the visa office where I waited with baited breath to see if this version would be accepted... SUCCESS!!! After approximately one million metro trips over a four hour span, I finally left for home with a vague satisfaction only tarnished by the knowledge that another day could bring another email... So far I have been communication-free and since French offices and business do not even consider the notion of contemplating work-related thought on the weekends, I think my looming trip to Ireland will happen after all, huzzah!

Very few stories are ever completely finished in life, some constantly inventing new chapters, characters resurfacing after many independent adventures, new events and acquaintance rounding every corner, and some merely fading into the scenery of better translation... But I will say that with this particular incident I would very much like the plot line to remain closed until my next renewal process a year from now. Happily, I met with some of my new friends from the Brit Meetup last night for Indian food near Bastille. One of our party is native Indian himself so we felt confident in his sanctioned choice. A couple of glasses of wine, some chicken biryani, and a quick trip to Amorino gelato for nutella-flavored goodness soon put everything to right. 

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