Thursday, July 10, 2014

Lady Angela Lewonczyk

My fantasy to be a queen is not so far from grasp.
A crown and cloak of decadence with jewel-encrusted clasp.

I frolic oft in castles, sitting proudly on a throne.
It's just a matter of the moment when I'll have my own.

Galadriel was magical,  Lothlorien her seat.
Elizabeth a legacy of decades sans defeat.

Combining two such monarchs is ambition's sweet ideal.
The heroines of old spark inspiration I can steal.

For now I acquiesce to titles further down in rank.
I won't object to moving up with savoir-faire and swank.

Like Downton Abbey ladies searching for a manly match,
No ordinary knight can have the cleverness to catch.

A monarchy in Scotland,  just a square foot wide domain,
For now the satisfaction of the empire I will reign.

So tip your hat or curtsy to nobility's new pick,
The regal Lady Angela of grandest Lewonczyk. 


  1. Yay! You're a lady of Scotland. Your plan seems far more effective than this one:

    Also, congrats on your Paow magazine article!