Monday, July 14, 2014

Bonne Fête Nationale

Quatorze Juillet comes once a year just like all holidays,
And just like many others there are fireworks ablaze.

But as the holiday's in France it stands to reason true,
That certain rituals define this rouge et blanc et bleu.

Parades of military line the proud Champs Elysées,
Les pompiers hold public balls to dance the night away.

Another jour sans le travail, not uncommon in France,
It's probable that vin et fromage lead to some romance.

Dans l'histoire bien sûr there was the storming of Bastille,
Une forteress de felons, though in fact there weren't many.

But even so c'était très important to rebel's cause,
It prompted those in power to give feudalism pause.

And sent the monarchy a'racing à la guillotine,
Poor Mary A. was pas content to be the reigning queen.

Though tragically misquoted, eating cake did not comply,
Whilst wearing robes décadents and inhabiting Versailles.

Today we celebrate the grand defeat of French royal,
And gladly walk the streets cheering, Bonne Fête Nationale!

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