Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Bonne Fête de Fée!

I live in lands of wonder where sweet magic oft is true. 
From fields of endless flowers to the morning's crystal dew.

That stands to reason faeries make a vast impact on life.
For truth be told I am quite sure my heritage is rife. 

The glitter veins of senior soulsprites clearly touched my tribe.
And gave to me the glitter sense to love and to imbibe

All endless tales of fantasy from Hobbits to wood nymphs,
Parading magic folklore out-magicianing the sphinx.

And masters of them all remain the faeries flying free. 
Aloft in stunning skylines raining down epiphany. 

They reign in epic splendour soon diminishing all blight.
To listen to a faerie gifts illuminating light. 

Perhaps a dance of wit and whimsy dancing through your brain, 
Accompanied in part by metamorphosis from plain.

Through spells of soulstream marshaling all faun and flora free, 
The wisdom of the faeries is the world's sweet melody. 

So don't forget the whispering of wind when it must say,
All happiness and joy to this great Happy Faerie Day!!!

Et un chanson sur les fées en français...

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