Thursday, June 5, 2014

Bohemian Ideals

This week has seemed to circulate quite a bit around the ideals of beauty, freedom, truth, and love... The Bohemian ideals heralded by the artists wandering around Montmartre during the turn of the century. The main reason for this is that I will soon be auditioning for a tour guide position with an American company, and that is the area in which I will be commencing my speaking skills. Two of my American friends had family visiting the other day, and they did me the honor of letting me practice my little script for the first time. I didn't know the script by heart yet, nor did I really know the route, but it was great fun taking them around and getting the lay of the land. As I was waiting for them in a local Starbucks, I had an amazing view of the Moulin Rouge sitting right across from me, bringing home the memories of all the crazy decadence that used to exist in this neighborhood. 

Even more than that, I found myself going home at night and watching Moulin Rouge the film, starring Nicole Kidman and the ever-adorable Ewan McGregor, while memorizing the tour guide script. In my own New York cabaret, in addition to my daily life, I have often referred to this film as “the movie that describes my soul.” I think this was one of the first indicators that I wanted to frolic in Paris and experience even a whiff of the lingering culture that embraced such ideals. The movie itself is pure absurdity, with costumes, songs, and completely ridiculous moments that in my opinion are what make life truly worth living. On top of that, I recently bought myself a new guitar, so I could start composing some little ditties. This week was the first opportunity I really had to get back into an instrument I frankly haven't really played in several years. As I tried to get my little hands all calloused up again, I reacquainted myself with the chords for Elton John's “Your Song”, which was the first tune I ever officially played publicly, in front of an audience of about 700 people in college. Now, I am no guitar phenom. I like to try my hand at it so as to accompany my own dulcet tones, and at the time I was very much infatuated with a musician, so of course I had to impress him by doing my best to be musically awesome. I chose that specific song because of my Moulin Rouge obsession, loving the way that Ewan McGregor belted out his innocent diatribe in order to win his courtesan's heart. It's always funny how things come full circle, as I hope to be giving a weekly tour of this artistic area. Not only that, but I am off to London again this weekend to celebrate my cousin's 30th birthday! And when I was studying abroad soooooo very many years ago, my best friends there shared my love of Moulin Rouge, its songs and spirit. The amount of times we would have a bit too much to drink (or frankly no alcohol at all) and run around the apartment acting out the characters, singing the melodies, and enchanting our own romantic beliefs, was infinite. From Paris to London and back again, I will continue my Bohemian lifestyle as best I can.

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