Sunday, January 26, 2014

Happy Australia Day!

Away we go down under to the Aussie world below,
Where Big Smoke city dwellers and Banana Benders go!
From city life in Brisvegas to Sandgropers in Perth,
a Walkabout will add an air of unrelated mirth!

But beware the Darling Showers or the Joeys hopping by,
They sound quite cute but neither will bring Prezzies from the sky.
The outback may be beautiful, Fair Dinkum some might say,
Give it a Burl, but Larrikins will laugh the day away.

When Flat out Like a Lizard drinking, always do your best,
to Chuck A Sickie, grab some Mates, and have a little rest.
Enjoy some Amber Fluid at the Boozer round the bend,
Some Blokes and Sheilas Raging On till nighttime nearly ends.

A Journo asks you what to do on weekends in the Bush?
Take Heaps of Cobbers, play some Footy, Veg Out, there's no rush.
Give Pashes, say No Worries, adding spirit to the cause,
A Happy Straya Day to everyone I know in Oz!!!

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