Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Film Faux Pas

Silly mistakes in a foreign country always make for great fun, especially if you are any sort of real traveler, as you feel compelled to accept the mistake and go with it rather than make a fuss. That being said, today I decided to go see the film "Frozen", or "La Reine des Neiges" en français. I purchased my ticket online and strolled down to the Champs Elysées after teaching a two hour class to a five year old. I picked up a sandwich, bought some Maltesers, and happily made my way to the theatre. Now, in this day in age, paper tickets are simply a thing of the past. You don't even need a ticket so much as a barcode on your smart phone, providing very little information, but allowing you to cruise right through the ticket line without hassle. After I made it through the ticket "ripper" and to a staircase pointing half of the theatres upstairs and half down, I realized that I had no idea which theatre I was supposed to go to. So, taking out my handy phone, I opened up the pdf ticket I was emailed and saw the number 8 emblazoned on my screen. I henceforth wandered down the staircase to theatre 8, and while I did in fact wonder for a moment why there were no signs outside any of the doors to designate which movie was playing where, when I entered the theatre, the movie hadn't started and other people were wearing 3D glasses too. Done and Done. 

As the trailers came on and the movie was about to begin (at the exact time I had been anticipating), I made myself comfortable, opened up my snacks and donned my 3D goggles. But just as I was about to relish in the technicolor animation of a modern Disney classic, the silence of space broken by the voices of George Clooney and Sandra Bullock soon intervened.... Whaaaaaaat?! I would not be listening to the vocal stylings of Idina Menzel and Jonathan Groff after all, I would instead by harnessed in the reigns of a blockbuster action flick. Let's just say it was like assuming you will be walking into Munchkinland but being swept up by the twister instead. I admit there was a hot 5 seconds where I wondered if I should high tail it out of infamous theatre "8" and find my way to the magical layer of fantasy song, but decided to embrace the error at long last. I was fearful for a few minutes that the thrilling jolts of being trapped in space would make my head explode, but in the end was entertained by a rather satisfying adventure. Since I randomly had an amazing dream about George Clooney last night, I assume it was ultimately cosmic intervention.

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