Monday, September 19, 2016

Happy Talk Like A Pirate Day!

The Battle of the Unicorns

Twas quite an ancient time ago when battles raged the seas,
When pirates and their mighty ships laid waste to enemies.
Their many foe included creatures deep beneath the waves,
But also those that fly above, their weapons glitter-glaives.

For most of time, the distant realms maintained a level peace,
The pirates were quite satisfied with seafaring caprice.
And mythical creations, with their magical apex,
Ruled all celestial entities, achieving great respect.

But came a moment lost in time when pirates ravaged high,
Their booty bound to earth became unsatisfying sigh.
Amidst a haze of grog and after swashbuckling in gloom,
They turned their sights to heaven and embraced their mortal doom.

Though practically impossible, a pirate king achieved,
a hostage situation, Princess Unicorn was thieved.
She battled with enchantments, magic oozing from her pores,
But piratical deception found a loophole to abhor.

And so a mighty struggle burst with bloodshed raining down,
Skies were scorched with silver streams and oceans crimson crowned.
All cutlasses and powder chests were drawn with brutal cause,
While spells of glittered gossamer enchanted without pause.

Then came the end when nobody was sure who really won,
Until a rising Unicorn soon sparkled in the sun.
No matter what the pirates did their mortal coils failed,
The pristine beautied Unicorns were fated to prevail.

They glimmered in the soul-dust that had influenced the war,
And soon returned to other realms, the pirates left on shore.
The lesson learned to always lead in love in lieu of greed,
An aye avast soon added this to piracean creed.

And so the years went by and stories fell beneath the tide,
Of Unicorn and Pirate strife, the legend soon denied.
I bring it back to give us all a taste of what to say,
On this a very jubilant Talk Like A Pirate Day!

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