Thursday, April 21, 2016

Dating a Man Guy Thing Situation

So, I haven't written in awhile... And in an attempt to disregard excuses and come to terms with my very real lapse, I will state aloud that I have been doing that whole dating thing. I have been working and dating and socializing and not writing and pretending to go running but drinking enough wine to avoid real motivation. Therefore it's all half my fault, half his, half the cosmos, three halves don't make a whole recipe for disaster... With the springtime blinding me in the sun and ringing my ears with little birdie calling caws,  however, there seems to be a cosmic alarm clock reminding me it's time to get back into the creative world.

Little did I know that back in high school and beyond, when I was epically single and envious of my best friends toting their boyfriends around all the time, that sometimes people really do get sidetracked by situations. To be clear, I have always been sidetracked by all manner of things including jobs, friends, anxiety, and stressing over evil male figures that taunt me with their unavailability... but never consistent dating. I will never be the type of person to abandon my friends or forget about my goals, but I do finally see how nights of dinner, live music, bowling and booze can result in a cloudy intoxication which veils the surrounding circumstances. Well then, hats off to my childhood friends and their one-track minds. At long last, the lightbulb has been doodled above my brow and my cartoon heart has been painted on my sleeve.

Amidst this rather detailed dating diorama, I have in fact managed to visit Rouen over Easter, spend a weekend in Amsterdam, attend birthday parties, pub quizzes and even run (or run/walk, more walk than run) the 5k Color Run. Some of these things I shall devote a single blog to and others will fall by the storyteller's wasteland of wayside. But while I hang my head low in not so silent shame for my absence, I also stand bright and tall, the coronet of romance glimmering over my golden locks. It is not such a terrible thing to be swept up by the moment... especially when the cosmic chimney sweep in question comes in the form of a delightful man who makes me laugh and smile and feel glad to galavant around Paris.

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