Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Connecticutians and Lilliputians

Back in Connecticut once again! To see the first of two newly born babes: One the beloved offspring of a friend from way back in elementary school and one the dear progeny of a college bestie. I had a glass of wine at my high school friend's beautiful house in Glastonbury, along with our other pregnant friend and her husband... there is clearly something in the air! After a bit of catching up and praising the new wee lad, I was chauffeured back to Newington, where my Mommy was planning to bring me out on the town for some shopping and dinner. It would be an early night in the suburbs, as I prepared for another full day of family and friends.

My mother and I had to get up early the next morn to hit up "Trader Joe's", my favorite grocery store in the history of the world. Yummy food at decent prices, the store has everything you need, especially when trying to stock up on fancy finger foods for an afternoon soiree. This time, it would be my mom's side of the family to host and participate in the final bit of Christmas cheer. I had already been spoiled beyond belief with all of the gifts and trinkets I received over the past few days, so this was just the final bit of icing on the cake. This side of the family is far larger than the other side, as my mom is one of 9 children and I have about 20 first cousins alone. You can only imagine the dynamics that surface when this crew is around.

I somehow managed to extricate myself from the horde of relatives in time to head on off to Middletown, CT, where I would be spending a couple of hours with one of my summer musical theatre friends, otherwise known as PBF (pseudo-best friend... a joke from ages ago when we realized within a few minutes how much we had in common), and her daughter (my goddaughter). We then proceeded to spend the evening with another dear friend from when doing theatre as early as middle school. Let us call him "The Lipid King" for the sake of discussion, simply because that was one of many nicknames throughout the years. We ended up spontaneously calling up a 4th member of our team to participate in ridiculousness for the evening, and spent the night amidst a whirlwind of cocktails and dancing with props.

Monday morning I managed to squeeze in a visit to the other new mother in my circle, one of my co-theatre majors from college and bestie beyond. Her little boy was a mere 4 days old at the time, so quite a lilliputian to be sure. It was a true Christmas gift to see all of the new little bundles of joy. And then back to NYC I went, before taking my leave of the States and venturing back to France.

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