Thursday, November 26, 2015

If We Love, We All Agree

This time of year is meant to fill with peace and trust and love,
No matter what beliefs you have from under or above.

From Jesus Christ to Aphrodite,  Budda to Allah,
For me it's all the same, preaching great love, forgiving flaws.

While walking round the streets of cities paved in different lights,
I hope to share a smile instead of fearing heated fights.

Embracing all diversity, its beauty and its charm,
While striving to consider why on earth it leads to harm.

I can't imagine life in which we all should look the same,
In action or beliefs, in our opinions, even names.

The brilliance of humanity is based on having choice,
To do and think and love and speak it all in joyous voice.

So when you sit today and have a meal with friends and fam,
Take time to think of others from contrasting lives and lands.

Send hope and kind acceptance to the ones who are in need,
A dose of great perspective to the selfish teaching greed.

Then pass the hugs around, with luck assisted by some wine,
To health and all the good things we should focus our dear time.

A turkey and some pie is had in thankful memory,
Reminding everyone that if we love, we all agree.

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