Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Wind, Whoppers, and Waterslides

Our final day at sea was full to the brim with lounging, lazing, and liquoring up as best we could. We therefore attempted to get up as early as possible so as not to waste our last day under the sun. I actually ended up hearing Doctor Friend stirring from the bunk above rather earlier than expected, so I joined her on the treadmills at the gym! Surprise surprise! That was actually my second time visiting the exercise room, having gone once before with Dancer friend when we figured out that a modern jazz class we showed up for was actually more like latin pop zumba dancing with 6 year olds. After a lovely run, Doctor Friend and I went back to the room to find our two compatriots fast asleep, so we went up on deck to scope out some lounge chairs.

It was a violently windy day at sea, to the point where towels actually flew off the ship if not tied down. And since it was everyone's last day on the boat, the decks were filling up quickly. After about an hour of trying to keep our books from becoming lost in the ocean, we decided to head in for some breakfast, making sure to hold our deck chairs by leaving our towels strategically tied to the back. This is in fact the universal symbol for, hey don't take my chair because I will be back soon. As luck would have it, we met our two sleepy friends at breakfast, so the four of us went back out to brave the winds together. That is when we discovered that our coveted deck chairs had in fact been coveted, and an Italian family of three had appropriated our seats! When we approached them about this issue, they told us that there had not been any towels on the chairs and basically gave us a very direct "too bad, suckers" sort of look. I admit I was so baffled by their blatant lies and rudeness that my impulse to push them all overboard was completely thwarted by shock. Instead, I gave them a scathing look and we hovered long enough to make them feel vaguely uncomfortable, if not ashamed. There was no way our towels had flown off and if they felt comfortable teaching their children the arts of evil so early in their youth, then godspeed. My troupe and I instead found chairs toward the back of the deck which were much more shielded from the wind and therefore we won. Done and done.

We had but a few things on our agenda before the day passed us by. Dancer Friend wanted to make an appearance at an art auction, I wanted to attend a martini tasting, and we all needed to experience the water slide and hot tub at least once. In the end, things unfolded in exactly that order. I went with Dancer Friend to the auction, feeling no one should have to go on their own, and I actually enjoyed looking at the works of art and pretending I had real money to purchase them. After a while, it all got a little boring, though, so I made way back up to my sun chair and book with a juicy cheeseburger in tow. The martini tasting wasn't complementary, but as it was the only alcohol we paid for on ship, I thought it would be fun to try a few new tastes. After that, we took turns going down the large yellow water slide, snapping pictures of our gracious landings... or raucous plummets, either one. Finally, we ran to the room to grab our last bottle of Italian prosecco and kicked out a group of pretentious looking teenagers hogging the hot tub by staring intently with our elder (yet beautiful) eyes. I think there may have been a round of trivia squeezed into all of that as well.

We ended the day at our favorite of the dining rooms, making sure to take full advantage of food options and drinks. We also made the rounds to our favorite bartenders and liquor spots, hitting up the casino for some gambling, as I was the only one who can't seem to fathom losing money on nothing. Coincidentally, I am somehow the least financially viable of the group. Go figure. It was hard to believe that our trip was almost at a close and that the next morning we would be heading back to our respective homes in our respective areas of the globe.

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