Friday, September 19, 2014

Happy Talk Like A Pirate Day!

Pirating Through Europe means a life of fancy free,
From arrrrs and swash and buckles to the tricorns worn at sea.

A daily dose of grog is not the only thing at hand,

For wine and all the others flow so quickly on the land.

It stands to reason running round the decks of any ship,

Whilst drowning in the drink could end in falling from a slip.

But never fear for piracy is unexpected bliss,

Each brand new port brings stories of a pillage or a kiss.

The victor of the spoils need not brag about his fate,

Especially when wenching, not a gentleman to date.

Beware the lady pirates who will snuggle in your bed.

But when betrayed in battle find they slit your pretty head.

From country onto country snagging bounty from the shore,

Great piracy abandons life of melancholy bore.

So scallywags and scurvy mates be sure to wander wild,

When taking to the oceans, often dancing like a child.

Today we celebrate pirates from Prague to Montpellier,

From castle tops of Europe, aye avast it's Pirate's Day!

(And for the uninformed landlubbers who don't fully comprehend this momentous day... Walk the plank!!! Or just read up here

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