Thursday, May 29, 2014

Post-Semester Hangover

When the school year comes to a close, some students throw their hats in the air, barely taking the time to acknowledge any of their accomplishments, practically tripping over themselves en route to parties, travel, and relaxation. Others choose the opposite path, carefully relishing in their achievements, planning their next strategic move, and mourning the lost hours spent on work, learning, and a jam-packed schedule. I myself have always landed somewhere in the middle. While I pined for adventure amidst my final days of class, tormented by the evils of French grammar, and anxious for some rest, I also know myself well enough to know that the second (And I mean the exact SECOND) I realize that I have excessive time on my hands, my brain begins to formulate all manner of fantastical notion, ranging from bright and shiny holiday splendour to down and dirty pangs of nightmare and melancholy. While no brain under the sun can ever truly rest from thought, mine is eternally embarking on some sort of race for how-many-thoughts-can-you-think-in-a-second-span-on-a-widely-emotional-range-rather-than-giving-yourself-a-neurotic-nap.

Don't get me wrong, I love my downtime and alone time just as much as the next person, but I rarely enjoy it when not the result of a busy bee mentality. I was the kid who thought, yay summer! Then quickly started yearning for fall, the change of seasons, and the beginning of a new story. I am an extrovert, an emotional loon, and a creative type who thrives on activity. So as the final days of class came to a slow and bittersweet end and I literally bathed in a few mornings of sleeping past 6 or 7am, I very quickly started wondering what I would do with those mornings now that they are free. I also “enjoyed” that not so pleasant sensation when your body realizes the shift in schedule and you feel like you have been run over by a truck slash borderline sick and/or hungover. I've never enjoyed sleeping late, I feel like I am missing out on the day, but I am also not one to wake up at the crack of dawn, announcing huzzah! Time for a spritely early morning run! I can slip into lethargy just as easily as the next person, but as anyone who has ever lived with me knows, Angela plus inactivity equals DANGER! DANGER! DANGER!

And so the summer begins, with a schedule ready to carve like little woodland creatures anxious to feather my brow, plump my ruffles, and magically manufacture a stunning gown, the stitchery worthy of Smithsonian status. And why not that exact scenario? One of my friends from summer theatre days once told me that if I had a magical power it would be the ability to shrill so loudly that I could beckon woodland creatures to my side in an army of fictional and mystical power. I have never confirmed nor denied this attribute. But in all honesty, the time has come once again to embark on a new series of events. The summer lays before me and I have many tasks at hand, but I must organize my schedule so that it all gets done amidst tons of fun! Duh... Of course I rhymed on purpose, don't you know me at all?!

And so, the kick off to this new season was a lovely dinner with my classmates this past Monday night. We had finished our written as well as oral exams, and so, desperately needed a cocktail. Per my suggestion, we all ventured down to Rue Mouffetard, which was much busier than I had experienced it this past year early in the week, I assume because the weather has finally relented, tourists abound, and it stays light in Paris until about 10pm. There were approximately ten of us gathering together, enjoying our French fare and wine, whilst talking about our past semester and future plans. It was rather an amazingly international melting pot, representatives from the U.S.A. (not just myself), Russia, Sweden, Colombia, Japan, Holland... We did our best to speak in French, though the dominating language was, as always, English... Many of us will part ways, several leaving, several staying behind, and some will continue to keep in touch as we make our way through this foreign French lifestyle... This week I am acclimating and organizing, next week, I have to memorize all I can to become a tour guide, and the following weekend I have treated myself to a nice London-bound excursion to celebrate my dear Hot Blonde Cousin's 30th birthday... I feel fairly certain my schedule will become rather full rather soon.

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