Sunday, April 27, 2014

Scotland Says Goodbye For Now

Scotland Day #4: Our final day in the land of mythical creatures only allowed us a few hours of Scottish delights. Our train back to London was scheduled to leave at 12:30pm, so we had but a short amount of time to wander the city. I DID have breakfast with my cousin at the b&b and technically slept in my bed for a time, despite whatever scandalous rumours you may have heard. I felt a little bit like death, truth be told, on top of which the weather had decided to revert back to what is slightly more typical to the British Isles... cold, clouds, and rain. My theory? The cosmos was literally weeping over our impending departure. Regardless, we continued with the theme of the trip which was to get up and get going about town no matter the gravity of our physical state. So we gobbled up our Scottish breakfast, packed up our bags, and trekked to a city bus tour charting its course not far from our accommodations. My cousin actually had this brilliant plan, figuring that we would be able to see a few more city sights before we left town. It ended up being a perfect solution to occupy our morning so that we didn't have to carry our bags very far, nor did we have to walk around very much... or use our brains in any real sort of way.

We passed the Botanical Gardens, the Royal Mile, drove down Princes Street, and caught a glimpse of Holyrood Palace. After the tour we had plenty of time to get to the train station, grab some food, snacks for the train, and say our goodbyes to this magical land. We were both fortunate enough to score window seats on the train and get some rest on our journey back to London. As luck would have it, the weather wasn't so bad in England, so once we arrived in King's Cross, we took a bus back to my cousin's apartment and spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing and regrouping. For whatever reason, both of us had been craving pizza for several days, so we hit up a Pizza Express for dinner, shared a bottle of wine, and toasted the success of our enchanted vacation. 

I did, in fact, keep in touch with my Scotsman throughout the day. We both agreed that we had a fantastic time meeting each other and were henceforth completely exhausted. That was of course the last time that I heard from my gallant lad. While I truly adore meeting new people in new places, the only difficulty is the fact that you can't keep every person from every place on your radar. I have friends that I've known for 32 years and I have friends that I just met in the past 6 months. Some of the people I've met recently I will never speak to again, while I've had besties from my youth disappear and become even closer after years apart. Though I know I will probably never get to see every single place I would like to on this earth, the world is miraculously small when it comes to people. Some may come and some may go, but you simply never know who you will meet or who may reappear. Sometimes this causes quite a conundrum for my overly romantic and undyingly loyal soul, whereas other times it creates quite a thrilling adventure. I treasure it all, however fleeting. 

One last day in London would proceed to finish my spring break the following eve...

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