Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Great Triumvirate

The birthplace of a legend will not often be the site,
Of unsurpassed transcendency, abounding daily flight.

From Newington, Connecticut where brilliance soon took wing,
To New York City, promising absurdity to sing.

Then off to greener pastures, for Bohemians to reign,
Of Love and Truth and Beauty, finding Freedom seeking fame.

I sometimes wonder when I'll love and be loved in return,
But then I think well what is love but happiness to learn.

So trekking through the ancient lands of unabashed hope,
I circumnavigate in search of radiance through trope.

From NYC to Paris and returning for grand fĂȘte,
Then off to London ringing in the New Year sans baguette.

Though Empire States and Eiffel Towers will be far from sight,
Instead the Beatles, Shakespeare, Harry Potter burning bright.

Beware the coming days of epic revelry pursued,
No telling what felicity will glitterfy the mood.

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