Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Insecta Nostra

Today I post nothing more important than an epic poem in honor of the insect rebellion currently taking place in Paris, France slash anywhere I happen to be at any given time... But coming attractions will be new chronicles in the adventures of Angela's dating life in Paris, friends/family visiting from the States, and a trip to Ireland! Stay tuned!!!

Insecta Nostra by Angela Lewonczyk

A sinister conglomerate of creatures 'hind the scenes,
Will gather under cover for a cause.
To battle ancient foes, they must eliminate all doubt,
That left to their devices they will pause.

When winter comes they hibernate, but not to mirror sleep,
For in the frigid doldrums they will plot.
A target for their prime objective, planning must be done.
And no small moments ends with captives caught.

By night they dive-bomb graciously, disguised in cloaks of fog.
At first the sound of silence feigns respite.
But closer to the victim conjures melody of sorts,
The endless beastly buzzing that will blight.

At times it's so bewitching that in absence doesn't cease,
A phantom wraith-like droning hovers near.
Though currently not reigning terror through the waning hours,
Their omnipresence tortures sleeping ears.

And in the morning, pock-marked by a plague of feasting blood,
All repercussions lasting through the day,
The prickling and tingling of avaricious lust,
Embroiders fairest skin with scars to stay.

The cruel Insecta Nostra takes no prisoners in flight,
A war on human peacefulness to win.
But calling forth their fury, making enemies for life,
Will soon condemn to worse than bleakest sin.


  1. This is fantastic! An epic battle with the bloodsuckers!

    1. Haha thank you! It IS epic and eternal!!!